COLD CITY Missing Persons
A Tractus Fynn Mystery, Book 4

Inspector Fynn has been murdered and only his best friend Patrick can save him. Not an easy task. To do so he must translate the fabled Voynich Manuscripts, travel to the shores of the Aral Sea, and then to the past to solve a baffling spate of murders aboard the RMS Carpathia in 1903.

“Just Get Better and Better...
I strongly recommend reading 'Cold City' more than once. The plot will continue to grab you on further readings and you’ll pick up many more of the little nuances that make Alexander’s books such a joy to read! —Dr. D. H.



from chapter 10

The next morning I set out bright and early. The Arbiter had left me in peace and I slept well except for the lumpy mattress. There was enough hot water to shave at least, though I had never seen such antiquated plumbing before. My first stop was the reception desk. I rang the brass bell and Clark rolled himself into view.
“Good morning. Back from your excursion already?”
“Not exactly…”
“Will you be needing housekeeping then?”
“It’s okay, I made my own bed.”
“That’s very kind of you.”
“Breakfast?” I asked.
“Over by an hour… I saved you a muffin though, and a cup of demitasse.” Clark reached under the desk and presented his promises.
“Quiet today…” I looked around the empty lobby. The army of backgammon players was long gone.
“Admittedly, business has dropped off somewhat since the opening of Aralsk-Seven.”
“What’s that? Another hotel?”
“No… a biological weapons facility.”
“What?” I was mildly alarmed. “Where is it?”
“Up the road a few kilometers.”
“When did it open?”
“Oh, in the Soviet-era, the nineteen fifties.”
“Is it dangerous?”
“Not anymore…” Clark reassured. “They’ve put everything into big barrels.”
“Umm, exactly how far is the water?”
“The beach, you mean?”
“I guess…”
“The new beach or the old beach?”
“There are two?”
“Well, there were… One has dried up completely.” Clark pointed. “The new beach is about fifty kilometers in that direction, west of us.”

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