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Missing Persons
A Tractus Fynn Mystery, Book 3

Tractus Fynn has gone missing, lost somewhere in time and history... It's up to his partner, intrepid reporter Patrick Jardel, to find him and save him from his torment. But Patrick has troubles of his own. He's just arrived in a parallel timeline where coffee is contraband. Things can't end well in this rollicking globe-trotting, era-hopping, history-bending saga.

"Alexander’s series just gets better and better..."
—Deborah H., Amazon

"I fully expect to see this series picked up and turned into a movie(s) or TV series..."
—Born to Run, Amazon

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from chapter 5

“Since you’re not dead… who are you?” Ricky looked me up and down with a glance. “What— are you like Gary Sevens’ brother or something?”
“Yeah, that’s it exactly. Twins, separated at birth.”
“You’re kidding.”
“I’m not.”
“You got a name?”
“Patrick, Patrick Jardel.”
“Hey, I’ve seen that name in the Chronicle.”
“Yeah, my brother borrows it sometimes.”
“Where you from?”
“Did you kill him?”
“Of course not. Who’d kill their own brother?”
“Cain, Abel maybe.”
“No, it’s not like that at all.”
“Suicide then?”
“No, I wouldn’t commit suicide.”
“How about your brother?”
“He wouldn’t either.”
“Murder then,” Ricky concluded.
“You just said it was an accident… What do you know about all this?”
“Only what I heard on the scanner.”
“Which is?”
“They pulled a DB from the apartment above the Depot Grill.”
“A DB?”
“Dead body.”
“Not totally sure… but a male caucasian, I heard.”
“Could it have been a woman’s body?”
“Something you’re not telling me?” Ricky grinned.
“No. Just hypothetically.” I paused for a second. “How did he die?”
“Shot, poisoned, strangled?”

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