RED CITY Case Closed
A Tractus Fynn Mystery, Book 5

In this final story all of history has gone awry and it's up to Inspector Fynn and his intrepid companion Patrick Jardel to set things right. A visit to the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War is only one of many tasks they face... Helping Fynn and Jardel are a host of bizarre characters, familiar and otherwise. Travel through time and across the globe, hope for the best, and find out if History can be saved.

Imagination and Story Telling Ability is Amazing
I've read all five Tractus Fynn novels and, while I loved them all, I found this one to be the best! The depth and breadth of the author's imagination and story telling ability is amazing. The book is laced with suspense and clever humor... My favorite line was "I'm saving you from losya and belka'" You'll have to read the book to enjoy the hilarious rejoinder. — BorntoRun


From Chapter 3

Inspector Fynn roused me from a deep sleep one night. The train was whistling through the darkness. I only knew we were pretty far west by now.
“Patrick— What say you to a quick detour?”
“Where to?”
“The Mount Rushmore Monument has just been completed— less than a month ago. We might see it in its pristine glory.”
“Maybe not.”
“There are rumors that they are still tinkering with Roosevelt’s mustache.”
“Let’s just stick to our mission,” I said and went back to sleep.
A day or so later we rolled into a rain-soaked Los Angeles, with Fynn insisting that he had a few errands to run. He dropped me off at the Biltmore Hotel, a towering structure just off Pershing Square. The lobby was palatial and overly-ornate.
“We’re pretty close to Pasadena,” I commented.
“CalTech, our first errand…”
“Oh… yes, but only geographically.”
“Where are you going now?”
“To the hardware store… and a few other places.”
“Well, a costume shop for one, and to visit a counterfeiter whom I know about.”
“A counterfeiter?”
“Let’s call him a document maker.”
“Have you finished all your reading?” Fynn asked.
“Mostly… on the train— Why?”
“We must become experts on the matter. We must know every detail so as to notice what has been changed.”
“If anything.”
“Do you still doubt this?”

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