Retro Spies!

A highly original retro espionage thriller about Libya, its infamous dictator,
"The Colonel" and strange events that take place on a single summer day in 1981. An alternate history!

It was a time before personal computers, the internet and cell phones. Life was not easy, nor was the spy business! The story unfolds when MTV initially aired; when IBM introduced its primitive PC to market; when the American Sixth Fleet cruised off Libyan shores and when Prince Charles and Lady Di were on their honeymoon...

Fun read and amazing ending!
This is a fun read and it keeps you guessing! There's lots of excitement and interesting subplots....there's no way you can anticipate the intriguing ending! —born to run

"Lively writing. Great dialogue for its natural ease..." —Howard M.,



Despite the rain, countless cicadas roared like a giant engine; their piercing, pulsing sound rose up in the Virginian night. It came from a worshiping horde that celebrated suburbia in sixty-cycles-a-second. The gods who made the lights shine, the transformers hum, and everything go round needed veneration. The power lines glowed for them, and the world, a whirling, mechanized reality, was mirrored in their near-deafening frenzy.

When the shower stopped the cicada sound rose to fill the bathroom. Lucy walked to the kitchen and wrapped her towel closer. She didn’t need it, the heat already stuck and no one could be awake or watching. They all lay asleep in their air-conditioned rooms. She listened to the drone of mimicked engines. It filled her emptiness and kept her from thinking, the kind of thinking that had edged her closer to an abyss of despair. She had tried to figure it all out, but gave up, since neither the time nor place was right, especially the place. This wasn’t the place she knew, the place she grew up in. This was not real, not real suburbia, she insisted and wished for the rolling hills of her childhood. This place was just a row of townhouses, all sharing the same backyard, each with it’s own bit of terrace and porch and driveway.

Lucy moved to the kitchen door and a kind of horror shook through her. On the screen, a dozen or more vampires hung silently. They stalked her, lured by the lights and the smell of flesh. They patiently searched out imperfections in the mesh, seeking just a tear or a hole big enough to fit through. Lucy gasped. She grabbed a can of aerosol and sprayed furniture polish against the screen until the mosquitoes dropped off one by one.

For a long time afterwards she just stared out at the unfamiliar world woven by the steamy darkness. It seemed safe enough when she finally opened the sliding door onto the terrace. A little black dog waiting between her legs dashed outside onto the lawn. A tangle of wet, blonde hair fell over her eyes as she watched him roam the slope along the edge of the marsh.

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