A Tractus Fynn Mystery, Book 1

"... a summer resort town, a failing newspaper...
a time traveling detective, and murder of course..."

Great Book!
It's fast-paced, had me hooked from the beginning... The characters, locations, and atmosphere are well written... M.K. Alexander has definitely made it onto my "Watch" list, and I can't wait to see what comes next. —MaryAnne

Brilliant combination...
Alexander has invented a unique and plausible form of time-travel which adds a powerful complexity to the story. The writing is both taut and humorous; while the setting is so real you can smell the
fish-stick factory! —Dr. DH




from chapter 32, visitors


“Thank you for visiting, Patrick. It’s good to see you. How is the case faring?”
“The case?”
“The Luis murder.”
“They’re looking at you, Fynn.”
“Yes, this I understand quite plainly. But it has not altered your course, I hope.”
“Well… to be honest, I’m not sure what I can do.”
“You must pursue this matter as vigorously as possible, I should think. Or would you prefer to see me in here indefinitely?” he added, though there was some remorseful humor in his tone.
“How are they treating you?”
“For a prison, quite well. Far better here than in a Parisian prison, let us say…”
“Did you know that you’re a retired DCI now?”
“Yes, Durbin has made this abundantly clear.” Fynn tried to smile. “What is all this about baloney though?”
“Baloney? Is that what Durbin’s been saying.”
“No. Perhaps it’s bologna… in the sandwiches. It tastes very unfamiliar to me.”
“That might be the least of your worries.”
“Well, so far Detective Durbin has been a good cop.”
“I’m not so sure about that.”
“Ah, but I mean in terms of questioning. He’s been mostly pleasant and polite. As of yet, no beatings or torture.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“And what do you think of this color? How do I look in orange?”
I laughed despite the hard reality of the situation, and appreciated Fynn putting humor above all else.
“Did you get yourself a lawyer?”
“I have no need of a solicitor.” He grimaced slightly. “I waived that right.”

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