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Tractus Fynn has been murdered. Only his partner
knows how to save him, and only a voyage aboard the
RMS Carpathia will do the trick.

Tractus Fynn is missing
in time and history.... His partner Patrick is trapped
in a timeline without

"5 Stars... I'm hooked..."

How do Mongol hordes
help catch a serial killer in
Colorado and thwart the assassination of FDR?

"5 Stars... Captivating..."

Meet DCI Tractus Fynn, a time-traveling detective.
A summer resort, a failing newspaper, and murder of course.

"5 Stars... Great Book!"

A quick-paced, quirky espionage thriller about
Iran, the CIA, and a
deadbeat named Aydin.

"Maybe the CIA should read
this book!"



A collection of five short stories ending in death or grevious injury.

Audio Book coming soon.

The faithful sequel to
Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror tale.

"A work of art. That is one damn really cool book..."

A retro-spy story centered
around events that occur
on a summer day in 1981.

"Lively writing. Great
dialogue for its natural ease..."

The story of a young girl's flight from the Nazi Occupation of Greece and
her new life in America.

"What a life you've had! I
thoroughly enjoyed [this] book."

The CIA has a clever cyber-war program to shut Iran down. But things never go according to plan.

"Timely and fun....surprised by
the intriguing ending"

Part II of the Farsi Trilogy.
Aydin and Parveen get
side-tracked by a surface-
to-air missile.

"Gripping Story! ... creative, credible, and contemporary."

The Trilogy concludes as
Aydin returns to fix the formidable Prime
Eleven virus.

"5 stars, Farsi 3 pulls it all together!."

Jump City
Low City
Cold City