Mr Thursby
(science fiction)

A mysterious alien marooned on earth for the past 70 years.
A gamma ray burst racing towards us like the beam from a lighthouse. A promise to save humanity. Trust issues.
Already a Best-Seller in the “Alien-Bureaucrat” Category ;)

Brilliant Piece of Science Fiction
"A fairly simple plan to prevent the Earth from being fried by gamma-rays is complicated by the fact that the saviour is a slightly dead corpse by the name of Mr. Thursby. Joining Mr. Thursby (and just about everything else) is the Janus Particle who also stop by to see the end of the world. Who do you trust? Who is telling the truth? When various government agencies are added into the mix, knowing which decisions might save the earth and which might destroy becomes increasingly difficult." — Dr. Deborah H.



Light years from earth, what the humans knew as Mr Thursby made his way to the Hall of Deciding. His attendance was required. A meeting of minds, choices to be made, and his experiences were at the crux of it all. Thursby rode atop his favorite basilisk, a nine-legged lumbering creature the size of a mule. They had a wonderful symbiosis all these many centuries, and Thursby would now admit to missing their early morning jaunts.

Two dim suns raced along the horizon as he dismounted and slid down the ceremonial ramp into the great hall. His comrades awaited. He slipped into the central pool, a warm muddy bath; and once he had settled, the conversations began in earnest.

To describe Thursby’s language and those of his cohorts would be a futile exercise. To say the mixture of clicks, wheezes and shrill whistles was a subtle and nuanced language beyond comparison would however be accurate.

“Click, click, grunt, whistle, wavering wheeze,” might mean yes or no depending on the context, but it never meant maybe. A deep throated chortle most always indicated agreement, though a chortle followed by a wheeze might also be interpreted as doubt.

To call the others in the Hall of Deciding by their given names would also be a futile undertaking. The meeting began with a long discourse of current events, most of it unintelligible to the casual observer. What was called Mr Thursby would be the last to speak. To an earthling who knew English, the conversation might sound something like this:
“We will now hear the Reading of Sequence…” someone called out. “The event, the collision of dual neutron stars of the sixty-eighth magnitude, catalogued as 21,027 and 21,026 respectively, was initially observed 200 years ago. It took another 100 years to calculate a trajectory and examine the potential damage to solar systems along its path. The gamma ray burst with a combined energy of—”

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