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The farsi

The CIA has a clever cyber-war program to shut Iran down. But things never go according to plan. Meet Aydin Llewelyn, computer genius, deadbeat and accidental spy. Can he and his ex-girlfriend make it to Tehran and save the day?

In Part II, Aydin makes his way home but get side-tracked by a surface-to-air missile, while Iran is forever changed by cyber-war and is forced to face a new reality.

In Part III, the story concludes as Aydin is thrust back to a devastated Iran to kill the formidable Prime Eleven virus. He has help from unexpected sources, but there are those who wish him no success.

Farsi 3 released:
March 13, 2013


The Farsi Trilogy, published April 16, 2013 to softcover

"Timely and fun! This is a fun quick read, well written, and made interesting by the current events going on in Iran. Clearly the author has an imagination, and a knack for telling a great story. I was engaged throughout and completely surprised by the intriguing ending. Maybe the CIA should read this book!"
—Born to Run, amazon.com