CD single
Bye Again

Bye Again
Words and Music
© 2009 MK Alexander

Feeling better than the day before
Think I'll find the time to sweep the floor
Maybe later I'll even head out the door
Such a chore just to go to the store
More and more I find myself just missing you....

And the day slips on into night
What was black now seems white
Have a little trouble telling wrong from right
But I'm ready to see the light
My second sight is second guessing you again...

Turn my head and look to the sky
All the stars make me wonder why
Turn around with a great big sigh
The one big lie brings tears to my eye
I heard you cry when you said good bye to me again...

And what you say turns my head around
But I can't hear a single sound
Sitting here on this merry-go-round
I'm bound to turn this thing around
Waiting on the edge of town again...