CD single
Halfway to Heaven

Halfway to Heaven
Words and Music © 2009 by MK Alexander

Don't look back on all that sorrow,
There's another day they call tomorrow
Don't get lost in all that pain,
There's another day... and it looks like rain
Sure looks like rain. Sure looks like rain.

Well me-o-my how time does fly
Seems like yesterday I was doing just fine
Today I sit and watch a drive-by sky,
With the clouds up there just begging to cry
And it sure looks like rain. Sure looks like rain.

Don't look at me I've got no answers,
I'm just a dancer to the beat of lies.
Just a two step and I waltz right past her
But the truth hits you right between the eyes...
You're halfway to heaven. Halfway to Heaven

We all know that the road goes on forever,
Pull back the lever and you're halfway there.
Hope by now you're feeling so much better
Take a good long look around if you dare
'Cause you're halfway to heaven. Halfway to heaven

Looks like we're in for nasty weather
See the clouds roll by as they kiss on high
Can't you hear the rumble, rumble thunder?
Makes you wonder, wonder about all those lies.
Well, just head for the sky. Just head for the sky

And up there where the highway meets those signs
I'll keep on straight along these double lines.
Don't slow it down, redline to ninety-five
Some where up there I'll stop to ask why.
For now, Just head for the sky. Head for the sky