CD single
Shut In

Shut In
Words and Music
© MK Alexander

Watching life go by through my window
It makes me wonder where do these people go?
I mean I've seen all kinds just kind of passing by
Where do they go and what do they know, as they

Hey— Pass by my way
Each and every day. Maybe they can say what's right for me

See, I'm just a shut in here, nobody ever nears
The pane of glass reminds them of a past
I'd sooner just forget, It's not that I have regrets
It's just that I've got so much time on my hands to kill

Hey— Cuts like a knife
Baby that's life here in the second world

Back up against the wall, I'm heading for a fall
Down a flight of stairs, or up the corridor
Put me right back to bed, pillows for my head
Cover me tenderly till I sleep again

Hey— Missing some time
What did you find when you had your way with me?

Maybe could get away; find someplace I can stay
Just for a little while till I learn to smile
Don't mean to be like this. It's just that I've been remiss
Setting my life adrift waiting for them again

Hey— Take me away
Take me today, take me far away from here...